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Trustworthy and Reliable

At The Ahi A'ni Collection, ninety-five percent (95%) of our items are sourced and brought to us by local runners while the remaining five percent (5%) of our pieces are purchased from well-known collectors. This is a deliberate effort to support the local community.  While the constant risk of sourcing "Fakes" is prevalent, we take great care to scrutinize the authenticity of each and every piece in our portfolio. We also prefer to showcase carving styles that are not mainstream (i.e. classic or traditional forms) but we would rather keep our focus on the unique qualities of a particular piece.

Abraham Dinamling

"Abi" was the first runner who supplied us with truly authentic pieces. We've been working together for over a year now and he's helped build the Ahi A'ni bulul & ritual box portfolio. A hard-worker with a discriminating eye for spotting fine antique pieces, you'll catch him busy scouring the remote towns of Ifugao.


Troilan Tanggana

He is the other significant contributor to the Ahi A'ni collection. Troy has been supplying us with fine items; archaic-style Bulul, ritual boxes and small figurated pieces over the last six months. He's got strong relationships with owners and  We share the same vision of making Ifugao art pieces more widely available to Filipinos.

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Kelly Bumanghat

Kelly is the newest member of the Ahi A'ni runner team. He is an amazing tourist guide by profession and always shares with us his knowledge on the practices of his forefathers. This is to ensure we keep the traditions sacred and solid.

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"Pinipili talaga namin ang mga items para sigurado na luma at gamit talaga. Minsan, sa layo ng Barrio, kailangan namin mag lakad. Pero sulit lahat pag nakahanap kami ng maganda at naka tulong pa kami sa kapwa tao."

-"We are really selective about the pieces so that we can ensure they are old and used. At times, we need to walk far to reach the Barrio but it's all worth it when we find a beautiful piece and at the same time help our fellow people"