Stone Sculpture Bulul Statue Landscape .

Ahi a'ni

Tuwali  (n.) season for harvesting rice.


My Private Collection

Prepare to be Amazed


Something Unique

Wood figures carved from hardwood used in ceremonies associated with rice production and healing. Witness the varied styles and forms encompassing the entire Ifugao.

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Truly Captivating

Rectangular or squarish boxes carved from hard wood obtained from the Cordillera highlands. A broad selection of zoomorphic and anthropomorphic pieces.

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Hapag & Minahu

Veiled in sorcery

Ifugao spirits of war that give soldiers courage on the battlefield. 
View these minute but equally significant Deities

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Masterfully carved

Ladles & spoons artistically carved with figurative elements; highly valued and bestows prestige

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Balog Artifacts

Prestigious and elite

Architectural elements from an Ifugao house or "Bale".

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Utilitarian Artifacts

Design merged in function

Common household and Ritual implements


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The spirit
Ahi A'ni


This is The Ahi a'ni Collection

Ifugao Art Collector

My passion for collecting Ifugao wood carvings emerged in the middle of the 
COVID-19 pandemic where I developed a deep curiosity for Philippine pre-colonial history
which inevitably led me to appreciate indigenous art.


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