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Image by Wesley Tingey
Ifugao Dancing Bulul

Ahi a'ni

Tuwali  (n.) season for harvesting rice.

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The Soul of 
Ahi a'ni

Beyond the Canon

Early 90's gangster-rap and Hip-Hop Jazz, capture the spirit of my collection; Rebellious, Real & Progressive.

My motto: Beyond The Canon is all about a departure from traditional styles, defying established standards defined by western opinion and pushing the envelope in modern tribal art. What serious collectors consider trash, I consider gems. I make curators scratch their heads and re-asses deeply- ingrained notions and beliefs. In the words of a fellow collector
"It's bold to not go old, today's brass is tomorrow's gold"
-Alexander Jentes

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Cracked Concrete Wall
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Cracked Concrete Wall
Ifugao Sculpture Art
Cracked Concrete Wall

This is the Ahi a'ni Collection

Southern Ifugao Art 

My collection scope mostly covers old Kiangan (including Asipulo, Lamut ) which is the birthplace of Ifugao culture as well as Tinoc, which is the area inhabited by the Kalanguya tribe. The Bulul and anthropomorphic sculptures from this area are very different in form and style from mainstream Central and North Ifugao (i.e. Lagawe and Hapao). Historically, serious collectors and scholars alike have described Kiangan and Tinoc pieces as "rudimentary and crude". In fact, their perception of these pieces was so low that in the late 80's  they were valued ten times lower than similar pieces from North and Central Regions. In short, they were treated as trash. However, compounded by the scarcity of archaic bulul amidst the spread of traditional style fakes, plus my social media efforts push to promote this area, lately there has been renewed interest in pieces from the region. While I still find it an uphill battle to expose the uniqueness of Kiangan style sculptures and bring more collectors into the fold, quite a few locals have begun to have a second look and appreciate their beauty.

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Cracked Concrete Wall

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