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This is The Ahi a'ni Collection

Ifugao Art Gallery

A pure on-line art gallery dealing authentic Cordillera artifacts. I firmly believe an object's authenticity is defined by its intended use more than age alone. My artifacts are a blend of antique and vintage. Most of the pieces have been sourced from Ifugao runners who deal directly with original owners while a small percentage of pieces were purchased from other collectors.


How It All Started

Learning from mistakes and determination

My passion for Ifugao artifacts began  at the height of the pandemic. I'd been living overseas for two years and now stuck at home and unable to return to my work location, my curiosity for Indigenous art emerged. I was attracted to the beauty and form of the Maranao Dabakan drum. After purchasing one, my interest quickly shifted to Cordilleran Artifacts starting with the Bulul.
As a "newbie", I had no idea where to begin my search for one so I turned to FB marketplace. Boldly, I made my first and subsequent purchases. It was not until a few months later where after scouring the Marketplace, I made an inquiry at the Gallery Deus page and it was then that I met Direk Floy Quintos. After back to back consultations, I realized my entire first collection turned out to be all fakes! The only authentic piece I owned was this Kankanay Figure (see picture). Despite the disappointment and financial set-back, I was determined to carry on collecting Bulul and other ritual artifacts. As the FB algorithm worked it's magic, I clicked on Gammal De Galleria and this is how I acquired my first authentic bulul. Abi Dinamling and Troy Tanggana are the runners largely responsible for helping build The Ahi a'ni Collection. Floy Quintos provided guidance by helping me build confidence as a collector and teaching me to develop my own style.


My Vision

To bring Ifugao Art mainstream

  • Increase awareness and appreciation for Ifugao tribal art

  • Responsibly disseminate relevant information in order to entice more individuals to collect and preserve Ifugao artifacts

  • Support the Ifugao runners by providing a venue to showcase their pieces   

Dancers performing an Igorot cultural da

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