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Defining my style:

Rebellious , Real,  Progressive

Rebellious- When it comes to building a unique collection, I've learned not to "follow the sheep". I veer away from the Canon. I focus on pieces carved in Kiangan and the southern Ifugao towns since only a handful of serious collectors appreciate their look.  My "eye" is on a piece that evokes a galvanizing appeal. The object will stir the emotions and connect on a deeper level. 

Real- Proving authenticity has always been a tricky task. First, by building a collection of pieces that are currently low in demand; the logic follows then that the likelihood of these pieces being faked is also low. Second, I'll be honest, in the past I owned a handful of dubious pieces. I've learned to scrutinize the pieces and look for at least two or more signs of use before I make a purchase. Lastly, I ensure provenance by labelling all my pieces.


Progressive- "Understand the Canon then deviate from it"- I always remind myself whenever a piece comes my way. I believe one's style should not be bound by established guidelines or aesthetics. Traditionally, Ifugao tribal art has always been associated with objects being ancient or archaic. I push the envelope by attempting to broaden the scope to include modern and contemporary styles.  

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A little bit about myself...

Indigenous Art Collector, Gen-X Family man, Loyal employee

I'm passionate about anthropomorphic sculptures from Ifugao. I find putting together a unique collection of Bulul and Tinotoo to be rather therapeutic. Starting from the search then unboxing, getting them cleaned-up and finally displaying them for appreciation, the entire procurement process is a rewarding experience. 


Moreover, pushing "Beyond the Canon" on my social media accounts and blogging about the concept has sort of become a mission. I'll keep expanding minds and continue to challenge the status-quo. Getting more "newbies" into collecting and guiding them... yeah...I also get a kick outta that.  

I dream of one-day putting up my own off-line gallery. The place will not only serve to showcase my pieces but shall finally be a venue for progressive collectors to come together, hang-out, and exchange ideas. And just like my collection, the place will definitely have it's own character. The look, feel and overall ambiance will also be very anti-museum or auction house. I'm brewing the idea for now but hopefully in the near future I'll launch it.  Until then...Beyond the Canon lives on-line. 

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