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Cleaning your Bulul the Gallery Deus way

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

It's no secret. Gallery Deus is at the forefront of the Antique market in the Philippines. They cover both Colonial and Ethnographic arts of the Philippines. Many of their pieces have been featured in publications and even found their way into museums. When it comes to artifacts in the Philippines, Gallery Deus sits at the pinnacle of quality and provenance. It's a name that many collectors both here and abroad respect and more importantly ...Trust.

The genius behind Gallery Deus is renowned film-director and writer, Floy Quintos. He's been a collector for over thirty years and in May this year, Gallery Deus turned twenty years. He's witnessed the infancy of artifact collection in the early 80's and steered Deus through tough times, yet his persistence and passion prevailed and finally paid-off.

In this video above, I share the Gallery Deus method of cleaning Bulul and preparing the piece to be "Display worthy". Note: This is a good way to treat Mid-Century Bulul to help them acclimatize and moisturize the wood. For Archaic Bulul, we just clean the dust and insect remains of very old pieces. Then gentle rubbing with natural oil.

Above: Direk Floy Quintos in his element at Gallery Deus

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