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WELCOME to The Ahi'ani Collection Blog: "Beyond the Canon"

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Hello Indigenous Art collectors and enthusiasts! Welcome to my blog. My name is Adrian but somehow my nickname evolved to "Aids" for short.

I'm a novice collector with a passion for Southern Ifugao wood sculptures. I began collecting Bulul in the middle of the pandemic sometime mid-2020. My style, I would say, is a deviation from the norm... rather "rebellious" . I like to push the envelope and focus on modern indigenous art i.e. mid to late 20th century showcasing non-traditional styles.

My blog is all about aiding the novice collector navigate the complex local tribal art trade. I talk about the market, how to get started and shorten the learning-curve. Yes, I too was a victim of many so-called inauthentic purchases. My mission is very simple, I'd like to get more people interested in appreciating Ifugao culture. Building a collection of Bulul and then researching about them led me to discover so many different aspects of the Ifugao people from their history, struggles and most important making few friends in the process.

Above: Author (rightmost) with Ifugao dealers (L-R): Abi, Vernon, Troy

Getting into Indigenous Art as a hobby doesn't have to be frustrating or a pain to the pocket. I'll share my learnings and experiences in the hope that many others will follow suite.

Enjoy browsing my Blog and please do feel free to Leave a comment, or reach out with any questions you may have and I'll do my best to respond.

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